Uses of Interface

Packages that use TemplateEngine
org.argoprint.persistence This package contains the persistence API for ArgoPrint. 

Uses of TemplateEngine in org.argoprint.persistence

Methods in org.argoprint.persistence that return TemplateEngine
static TemplateEngine TemplateEngineFactory.getInstance(java.lang.String ext)
          This method gets an instance of the template engine supported by this template engine.

Methods in org.argoprint.persistence that return types with arguments of type TemplateEngine
static java.util.List<TemplateEngine> TemplateEngineFactory.getTemplateEngines()
          This method gets a list of all installed templating engines.

Uses of TemplateEngine in org.argoprint.persistence.velocity

Classes in org.argoprint.persistence.velocity that implement TemplateEngine
 class VelocityTemplateEngine
          This class is responsible for invoking the Velocity templating engine.

Uses of TemplateEngine in org.argoprint.persistence.xslt

Classes in org.argoprint.persistence.xslt that implement TemplateEngine
 class XSLTTemplateEngine
          This class is responsible for transforming the UML model into XML using a stylesheet.