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ArgoPrint Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ArgoPrintDataSourceAn interface that should be implemented by a class that acts as a data source for ArgoPrint
ArgoPrintIteratorClass which extends iterator to better keep track of current object
BadTemplateExceptionThrown to indicate a malformed template
DataSourceStubA stub implementation of a data source, for testing
EnvironmentThe environment or scope for argoprint
InterpreterSuperclass for the interpreters
InterpreterBindCreates new elements through the ap:bind tag
InterpreterCallHandles calls to the data source through the ap:call tag
InterpreterDefaultHandles all Nodes that is handed to it
InterpreterIfHandles the if construct through the ap:if tag
InterpreterIterateHandles iteration through the ap:iterate tag
MainInitializes the system, starts the processing of a template and writes the output to a file
SettingsStores and manipulates settings when ArgoPrint is running
UMLInterfaceThe class ArgoPrint uses to interface to the ArgoUML model

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