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Interpreter Member List

This is the complete list of members for Interpreter, including all inherited members.
_dataSourceInterpreter [protected]
_firstHandlerInterpreter [protected]
callDataSource(String callAttr, NamedNodeMap attributes, Environment env)Interpreter [protected]
canHandle(Node tagNode)Interpreter [protected]
getVector(NodeList nodeList)Interpreter [protected]
handleTag(Node tagNode, Environment env)Interpreter
Interpreter(String tagName, ArgoPrintDataSource dataSource)Interpreter
isNodeNamed(Node node, String prefix, String localName)Interpreter [protected]
PREFIXInterpreter [protected, static]
processTag(Node tagNode, Environment env)Interpreter [protected, pure virtual]
recurse(Vector nodes, Environment env)Interpreter [protected]
setFirstHandler(Interpreter firstHandler)Interpreter
setNextHandler(Interpreter nextHandler)Interpreter

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