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InterpreterDefault Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for InterpreterDefault:

Interpreter List of all members.

Detailed Description

Handles all Nodes that is handed to it.

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Public Member Functions

 InterpreterDefault (ArgoPrintDataSource dataSource)

Protected Member Functions

void processTag (Node tagNode, Environment env) throws Exception
 Recurses on all the Node's children.

boolean canHandle (Node tagNode)
 Checks if this Interpreter can handle this Node.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

InterpreterDefault ArgoPrintDataSource  dataSource  ) 

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Member Function Documentation

boolean canHandle Node  tagNode  )  [protected]

Checks if this Interpreter can handle this Node.

tagNode The Node to check.

Reimplemented from Interpreter.

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void processTag Node  tagNode,
Environment  env
throws Exception [protected, virtual]

Recurses on all the Node's children.

tagNode The Node to process.
env The environment in which to process the children.

Implements Interpreter.

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References Interpreter.getVector(), and Interpreter.recurse().

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