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Settings Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Stores and manipulates settings when ArgoPrint is running.

Todo: Add control to se if path-/filenames are correct.

matda701, Mattias Danielsson

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Public Member Functions

 Settings ()

 Settings (String template, String file, String dir)

void setOutputDir (String dir)
 Setter for outputDir.

void setOutputFile (String file)
 Setter for outputFile.

void setTemplate (String template)
 Setter for the path template.

String getOutputDir ()
 Getter for outputDir.

String getOutputFile ()
 Getter for outputFile.

String getTemplate ()
 Getter for template.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Settings  ) 


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Settings String  template,
String  file,
String  dir


Sets attributes to corresponding argument.

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Member Function Documentation

String getOutputDir  ) 

Getter for outputDir.

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String getOutputFile  ) 

Getter for outputFile.

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String getTemplate  ) 

Getter for template.

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void setOutputDir String  dir  ) 

Setter for outputDir.

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void setOutputFile String  file  ) 

Setter for outputFile.

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void setTemplate String  template  ) 

Setter for the path template.

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