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2 System Overview

This chapter provides a descriptions of the system PUM-group 3 is supposed to develop.

2.1 The customer

The customer for this project is Enea Epact AB. It is part of the consultant company Enea Systems AB. Enea Epact have offices in Mjärdevi, Linköping.

2.2 Background

This section provides a background to why the system is desired.

2.2.1 ArgoUML

ArgoUML is a UML-modelling tool with several features. There are however no functions that will generate a printer friendly view of the UML-model. It is possible to print individual UML-diagrams, but there is currently no functionality that will assist with extensive UML-models that would require several separate print operations.

2.2.2 Base-lining

The background to ArgoPrint originates in the tasks of the Configuration Manager (CM).
The base-lining of a release is to verify that the correct versions of all classes, modules and documents are included in the release. This is currently done by manually copying the files into a library that represents the release.

2.3 System description

To help the CM base-line a release, ArgoPrint will be able to generate reports based on the UML-model in ArgoUML. These reports will be generated by executing a template that for example can list all classes and their methods, or print all use-cases.
The template language of ArgoPrint will enable the Document Author (DA) to write templates that, for example, can generate tables by printing the methods of all classes in a project.
One and the same project may use several different templates to extract different kinds of reports from the same model. The template language shall also be general enough, so that templates can be re-used in other projects.
The following sketch describes the basic functionality of ArgoPrint.

Figure 1:  System overview

2.4 System environment

The system will be a module for ArgoUML. ArgoPrint will run on Java2 version 1.3 and 1.4. Java can be run in Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix workstations and many other system environments. Because of this ArgoPrint will be platform independent.

2.5 Users of the system

These are the user categories for the ArgoPrint module. They are referred to in the use-cases, chapter 3:
Designer The designer creates the UML-model in ArgoUML. This will later be used by both the DA and the CM. He is not directly involved with ArgoPrint, and the module should not have an impact on his work in any way.
DA The Document Author is the person that writes the templates. The DA should know how UML works and how a model can be created. He should not however be required to know exactly what the UML-models are modelling.
CM The Configuration Manager is the person in charge of the base-lining of all releases of a software product. The CM is also not required to know exactly how the UML-models are designed.

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