Short for Application Programming Interface.

An open source UML modelling tool. See this site for more information.

Chain of responsibility
A design pattern that allows an object to passed along a chain. The links in the chain either recognizes an object and performs some action based upon it or passes it to the next link in the chain. See this page for more information.

Design pattern
A design pattern is a description of a successful solution to a common software problem.

Short for Document Object Model which is a platform- and language-neutral interface for accessing and modifying documents, most commonly used with XML documents.

Short for HyperText Markup Language which is a language used to describe content on the web.

Open source
A term used to describe software developed under some specific conditions, see the OSI's definition of the term.

Short for Unified Modeling Language which is a language for modelling and designing software.

An XML parser written in Java implementing among others the DOM interface. See this site for more information.

Short for eXtensible Markup Language which is a simple and flexible text format.