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This directory is for Ion Savin's work during Google Summer of Code 2006.

Here are the documents that are developed:

In order to test ArgoPrint you should check-out the repositories for ArgoUML and ArgoPrint in the same directory and and build ArgoPrint using the "install" target. To build and run ArgoUML you can build using the "run" target. ArgoPrint should be available in the "Tools" menu of ArgoUML.

Manager usage

The blank row in the Manager table is the "edit row". It's content is not used when the "Generate" function is called. When all fields of the "edit row" are filled with valid data a new row is appended to the table and the "edit row" is cleared and can be used to add additional templates.

The data in the table is saved between two runs of ArgoUML.

In order to generate output using the current project inside ArgoUML fill in the templates that you want to use and the files in which you want the output to be stored and hit the "Generate" button.

You can select the templates that you want/don't want to be generated by using the check box available on each row (checked means that it will be generated)

Parameters can be transmited to each template and are available using the standard XSLT parameter mechanism inside the template. The parameter table uses an edit row similar to the one in the manager table.

By right-clicking on the rows of the table you will get a context menu from which you can remove nodes and, for the manager table, get file choosers for the template and output files.

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